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Group tumblr blog: adultbooklr.LIVE GROUP CHAT (via Telegram) Join Here!

MONTHLY READ-ALONGSEvery month, we at headquarters pick a theme and let YOU vote.

What is non-threatening to some group members could terrify others. The first few are easiest and most helpful for a beginning group.

For example, the question, “Who would you like to go on vacation with for one week and why? However, the question, “If you could go on vacation anywhere, where would you go? Many of the later ideas are useful for building relationships in groups that have been together for awhile. Go around again on the second item, and again until you have gone through each one.

Our members vote for one book and one graphic novel each month and we all read and squeal about them together!

To find out what our current read-alongs a Group tumblr blog: adultbooklr.LIVE GROUP CHAT (via Telegram) Join Here!

Give everyone in the group a sheet and 5-7 minutes to find who goes in each blank.

When they find the right person they must also learn one other fact about that person.

We want to have regular meet-ups a couple times a month where we can get to know each other, chat and have some fun.Icebreakers encourage people to get to know each other.It is important that icebreakers be non-threatening.Each group has an opening warm up, time for themed discussion and time for free chat where you can share experiences, thoughts, successes and problems with others who relate to your situation.The Dove group runs on Thursdays from 7.00pm to 8.30pm.

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